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Adult Electric Scooters Comparison

Find out which adult electric scooter is right for you, easily compare EMOVE, Kaabo, Dualtron, and InMotion electric scooters.
Riders can also use our calculator down below to calculate savings on electric scooters compared to gasoline cars.

25 MPH Top Speed
33 MPHTop Speed
34 MPHTop Speed

48V 13Ah LG 18650 Cells

52V 30Ah LG 18650 Cells

48V 26Ah Dynavolt (1253 Wh)

 32 Miles Max Range
 62 MilesMax Range
 53 MilesMax Range

Rear Drum

XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic 140mm Rotors

XTECH Hybrid Hydraulic

Up to4 HoursCharge Time
Up to12 HoursCharge Time
Up to9 HoursCharge Time
Up to220 lbsMax Load
Up to352 lbsMax Load
Up to330 lbsMax Load

Save More with Our Electric Scooter Savings Calculator

Interested in how much you can save by switching to an electric scooter? Our savings calculator is here to show you the numbers. By choosing an electric scooter over a car, you're not just opting for a greener mode of transportation—you're also significantly cutting down on gas expenses. Enter your daily commute distance and let our calculator reveal the savings. Compare, save, and ride away on the best adult electric scooter tailored just for you.

Savings Calculator

Monthly Gas Cost: $0 USD
- Monthly Electricity Cost: $0 USD
Monthly Savings: $0 USD

**This calculator tool uses average cost per kWh and mile per kWh efficiency to gauge an estimated savings as your actual savings might vary.