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Extend Warranty For Electric Scooters (US Only)

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Simple, hassle-free product protection for the products you love.

Extend Product Protection Coverage & Benefits

Accidental Damage

With Extend, you can protect your high-value purchase from failure or accidental damage caused by dropping, hitting, or spilling. This added coverage starts at the beginning of your purchase and continues through the end of the protection period.

Extended Protection

Enjoy your electric scooter without worry! If an accidental failure occurs, your electric scooter is covered for regular use for the period of time that you select. We offer protection plans to extend coverage for one to three years.

Zero Deductible

If, for some reason, your electric scooter stops working or fails while riding, Extend will repair or replace it. (Only applicable after year 2) No deductibles, no hidden charges. Once you’ve made a valid claim, we’ll work together to get your scooter repaired or send you a new one (of equal value).

Hassle-Free Claims

Extend is always happy to guide you through the claims process. We have 24/7 online support. Simply file a claim with your email address and Extend contract ID. With this information, our team can resolve most claims within minutes.

*Limitations and exclusions apply. Read Extend's Terms and Conditions

Our Manufacturer's Warranty

All of our new EMOVE scooters and Kaabo scooters come with a standard one-year limited warranty. Our new Dualtron scooters come with a standard one-year limited warranty along with a one-year protection plan from Extend (for free). To redeem, add the one-year plan to the cart with a Dualtron scooter and use code “FREEEXTEND” at checkout. Refurbished electric scooters come with a six-month standard limited warranty.

Why Add Extend?

Extend provides extended product protection coverage for your electric scooter after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Extend offers affordable, modern, and easy-to-understand plans. 

With Extend, you are covered for accidental damage not provided by your manufacturer’s warranty from day one and can even extend your mechanical and electrical failure coverage beyond the expiration of your manufacturer’s warranty. 

You can add Extend product protection to any of our electric scooters, including new and refurbished models, by selecting the one-, two-, or three-year plan on the product page and adding it to the cart. **MUST REDEEM WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR E-SCOOTER PURCHASE**

If you file a claim, Extend will work directly with you to get your electric scooter repaired or replaced. No catches – everyone wins. 

How It Works

Accidents happen. By adding Extend, you receive accidental damage protection from the start of your purchase. They’ll also keep you covered after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Both of these assurances last through the end of your chosen coverage term. 

Easy Claims, Great Service

Filing a claim is simple and easy with Extend. Contact Extend at or by phone at (877) 248-7707. They'll process your claim in minutes, it's simple as that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Add an Extend Product Protection?

The plan provides coverage after the VoroMotors warranty (manufacturer’s) expires so you’re covered when it matters most. With purchase, you are covered for accidental damage not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty from day one.

What Do I Need to Provide if I File an Extend Claim?

When filing a claim with Extend, you will simply need to provide your contract ID, email address, or another identifying piece of information related to your purchase.

What if I Need to Return my Electric Scooter?

If you return your scooter, VoroMotors will refund the money that you paid for the protection plan. Depending on how much time has passed from the date of purchase, Extend may issue a prorated refund.