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December 16, 2022 2 min read

List of Popular LTA Compliant PMDs

Looking to get an electric scooter but due to all the regulations you're hesitant on which model to get? Look no further as we will list out a few popular scooters that are LTA Compliant

1. Dream S5 Dual Motor Electric Scooter 


Carbon fiber body, with a front and back motor, packing 500W of power into this small body. Most of the time, small scooters simply can't do the job for users that are above 70kg. We are too heavy for 7kg scooters. 

Speed limit is capped at 25km/hr 

Dream S5 Dual Motor weighs in at only 10.5kg!


2. EMOVE Touring

EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter

 This is one of the most popular electric scooter in Singapore right now, very practical for users who need it for a last-mile journey! This has a wide deck that ensures stability.

eMove Touring weighs in at only 13.5kg!


3. DYU Seated Scooter 

Up and coming scooter, using LG battery system, this has a fast charging time for the entry-level model (4.4AH). DYU is ergonomically designed to be portable, allowing users to carry it easily.

Additional info: Buyers do take note where you are getting this scooter from, there are unauthorised sellers out there that are selling it at a slashed price by not offering after-sales service. 

DYU weighs in at 12kg

4. Zoom Stryder 

Weighing in at 10.9kg only, this scooter is pretty comfortable to ride with both front and rear suspension, it does the job if you need it for basic commuting!


5. Xiaomi MIJIA

Xiaomi MIJIA can be connected with user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and allows users to track their speed, battery life, and battery health etc.
If you just need a basic and reliable electric scooter, this could be it!
Xiaomi MIJIA weighs in at 12.5kg


Specification Requirement for Personal Mobility Devices

Do remember to get your retailers to adjust the speed limit of your scooters to ensure it complies with the current regulations!


VORO Editorial Team
VORO Editorial Team

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