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Wolf King & Wolf Warrior 11+ Tire Replacement Service

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Wolf Tire Changing Service Made Easy

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What the service includes:

  • New 11" Tires (subject to choice & availability).
  • Tire Changing Service by VORO Technicians.
  • Return package and shipping.

How long will this service take?

  • Once we receive your tires, we process your shipment and conduct the tire changing service within 1-5 business days. After changing the tire, we repackage your motors and send them back to you.


    1. Download and fill out this form.
    2. Follow the video tutorial above to uninstall your motors and disc brake rotors.
    3. Print out the form. Place it into the box before sealing it, or email us a copy.
    4. Wrap the motors with protection, such as bubble wrap, and pack them in a box.  
    5. Label the box with your name. If you do not send us a physical copy of the form, leave a note with your name & email inside of the box.
    6. Send out the package using your preferred courier.
    7. VORO will handle return shipping after the tire change is complete.


  • This service is exclusive for VORO customers only. When prompted, you must be able to provide a valid order ID. If there is not a valid order ID number, the service will be canceled and refunded.  
  • The customer is responsible for handling the shipping logistics and fees when shipping their tires to VORO.  
  • This service includes return shippingof the motor with the new tires installed!
  • Upon purchasing this service, you agree that VORO will not be held liable for any shipping damages. Motors are fragile and need to be wrapped and protected inside the shipping box.
  • Time required and repair fees are subject to change depending on the availability of our team.


Largest Library of tutorial videos (Click To Expand)

While we are still preparing video and written tutorials for the Wolf King, you can check out and stay tuned to this support library page or our youtube channel. Never be afraid that you might get lost in the maintenance or fixing up minor issues that occur with your scooter, we are always here with you.

Chat support (Click To Expand)

When you spend such a significant amount of money, you want the best support. Although we are not a big company, our team is extremely dedicated to every single rider.

Email Support (Click To Expand)

Email us at support@voromotors.com

We have an entire team that works relentlessly behind the scenes to help you. Get a response to your question, guaranteed.

Phone support (Click To Expand)

Call us at 323-922-3329, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm PST. You are guaranteed that someone will pick up your phone. If not, someone will call you back.