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Rol Bris
King of Scooters

Wolf King is a high quality well built scooter which you tell from the heft and beefiness. Performance is as described in the specs and give a nice ride where at 40MPH feels like you are going 20MPH. My only complaint is that power level 1 really does not work where at first I thought something was wrong but it was further explained that you have to hold throttle for a few seconds before it moves. It would appear that this is a safety feature so someone doesn't accidently hit throttle and run scooter into something.

Kenneth Henry
Wolf king gt

This exceeded my expectations. Solid machine, smooth and crisp acceleration... so far, It has been exceptional

Willie Walker
Very Nice and fast But heavy as a ton

Best scooter in its class

KS (New Orleans)
Great, but not (yet) perfect.

I received my order on time and in two separate shipments. Each had a signature request at delivery, so, I had to be home by a certain time and take off from work. The scooter was very easy to put together. Just take it out of the box, fold it up and install the steering / handle bar. Tools are provided and wires are attached. Adjust all levers, handlebar grips, switches and thumb throttle to your ideal riding position, and connect the display with the wire coming from the steering bar. Charge the battery (I ordered the quick charger which charges much faster). The install didn’t take more than around 30-40 minutes. The optional seat could be installed in 15-20 minutes.
First ride I did was around 23 miles long on the Mississippi River Levee. I with a mixed speed setting between Level 2 Single Motor and Level 5 Dual Motor, I still had nearly 50% of battery life after my return. Another ride took around an hour at 90% Level 2 and 3 riding at Single Motor setting, and the battery showed still 94% at my return. The seat option is nice for longer rides, but the standing position is giving me better control in maneuvering the scooter. Luckily, I can stand on the scooter even with the seat mounted.
Brakes are very effective. Top speed hasn’t yet been tested, but I took it already to 50 mph without any efforts, and I am a big guy.
After a couple of hours of riding, I checked and re-tightened all screws and bolts and they seemed to be all okay.
So far, I’m quite happy, but the thumb throttle can be a little tricky since there is first a little lag, and then in a sudden it kicks in really strong, especially, operating the scooter in Dual Motor settings. Riding off at Level 5 on Dual Motor, the wheels are spinning, no matter how careful you are pushing the throttle. Immense power and torque makes it a little hard to control it at that setting when you start from 0 mph. Once at a speed of 10 or 15 mph, the control becomes easier.
Overall an awesome piece of equipment, very sturdy and a lot of fun to ride. I will start using it to go back and forth to work since it is very cost-efficient to charge it.
Thus far, no complaints. Great scooter. With a few little improvements, it can become the perfect scooter at a reasonable price tag.

Derrick Tokumoto
Excellent product and customer service

I purchased a wolf king gt pro. I am very please with the performance of my scooter. My experience with sales and customer was excellent.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Price: $3195.00

Detailed Description

The Kaabo Wolf King GT premium electric scooter is built to go further, faster. With more powerful 50A sine wave controllers in the stem, you can ride harder, longer without overheating. Under your feet, the King GT’s got an enormous rubberized deck, motorcycle-grade suspension on the front, and serious spring suspension on the rear. Along with those fat 11 in street tires, the GT delivers maximum comfort.

As their grand tourer, Kaabo fortified the aluminum alloy Wolf King GT design and amped up the comfort features. Upgrading from the traditional EY3 finger throttle and LCD display to a bigger, better, centered 4.2" TFT display and more comfortable thumb throttle, it’s easier to check your speed, engage eco/turbo mode and switch on your lights. And, let’s talk about the lights. The King GT has front and rear turn signals, the signature Wolf dual headlights, and under-deck lighting, along with our full attention. It looks sick, rides smooth, and is the ultimate performance machine.

  • Wolf King GT top speed is estimated at 63 mph
  • Wolf King GT range is estimated at 74 miles
  • Enormous 72V 35 Ah Samsung or LG battery means you can reach higher speed and go longer range
  • Fortified, forged aluminum design with IPX5 rating rides through wet roads and light rain (but nix the heavy downpours)
  • Dual hydraulic brakes paired with the front and rear suspension system deliver excellent stopping power
  • Luxurious cockpit with a anti-glare TFT display, updated eco/turbo buttons, thumb throttle, and taller, wider handlebars than the Kaabo Wolf King allows you to read and comfortable reach everything you need
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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