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Overall very happy with purchase

This scooter came in 3 business days!!! Only a few cosmetic damages (scratches and a broken peg) but overall in good shape. Very happy with the purchase as its very quiet, rides smooth, and looks great. The ONLY reason this doesn't get 5 stars is that there are no assembly instructions included?? I am pretty handy and still couldn't figure out some of the setup. But the support team was very responsive and helped me put this together. To Voro: I would recommend giving instructions to new scooter purchasers moving forward or arming them with how-to videos during the purchase to make this a smoother process on both ends.

Angela R.
Lovin’ my Orca! :smiley:

So I finally decided to go with the Orca Mark 1 after lots of research and comparison against other electric scooters. The selling points to me were the triple suspension system, 15.6 ah battery size, 48v 350 + watt motor, front and rear disc brakes and the fact that I can carry it with one hand and fit in the trunk of my Toyota Highlander.
I also appreciate many of its features like the alarm, integrated head and tail lights, usb port, water resistant, and front and rear fenders. I’ve been using it to go to work and around town.
I love that the motor and brakes are super quiet. I am able to hit the maximum speed of 21 mph and it’s very comfortable to ride. The only thing I wish it could be better is the LCD display. It’s hard to see in daylight. Although I do find it useful that it shows the precise battery usage. I’m very satisfied not just with my purchase but their exceptional customer service that I get every time I visit their website. Each and every one of them are wonderful and attentive especially Joey.
I hope to enjoy and expect to use this for a long time and I like that they sell spare parts and accessories on their website. It pays to do some research and not just jump in and buy the first thing you see on the internet. I have no regrets at all with my Orca and I’m encouraging my family and friends to get one too!


Okay i have been using the orca for about 2 months and finally feel like I can give it a review.

You can get close to 30 miles a charge.
Suspension is great on the crappie streets of LA.
Breaks are good for quick stopping.
Reasonable weight to carry up stairs.
Can take on the subway
Gear 3 up to 17/18 mph.
BEING ABLE TO SIT DOWN main reason i bought this model.
Email and phone support is legit.
They honestly try to help you.
They resell this unit and do not make it so its not them but it is good scooter for what it is.
Put 400+ kilometers 6miles a day 5 to 6 days a week.

False top speed. Controller is set wrong. Its at 100% which makes the display show 37kph. In fact gps and radar show top speed is 17/19 (fully charged) or 25kph but the LCD shows 37kph. I set it to 75% (i think this device is software limited at factory or has an under powered controller) and it shows true speed correctly. When im at 48v it shows 25kph or16mph. 54 volts 27 to 28 kph 18/19mph. Ordered a tire got a DYU tire not the OEM (orca) tire I wanted made by Chao. Still haven't got the inner tube. (ORDERED TIRE AND TUBE FROM ALI EXPRESS AND GOT OEM TIRE FROM MARKET 20 DOLLARS CHEAPER AND IN 1 WEEK. 1 MONTH LATER STILL DONT HAVE THE INNTUBE FROM VORO.)
Mud guards are breaking after 400 kilometers.

Verdict- 4 stars good for daily commute. Order spare parts early it takes time.

Guy M.
ORCA Mark 1

I have been surprised how fantastic the electric scooter performs. The battery holds its charge for an exceptionally long period and I have used it on numerous occasions. I have no hesitation in recommending the bike to all.


I am so satisfied with the product. The bike is obviously great but also the employees here is amazing. I had trouble assembling it but they helped me so much. They are awesome.