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Mantis Pro SE Screw Catalog


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Mantis Pro SE Screws Catalog

Find the screw that you need for your Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter.

1. MPSE Handlebar Screw (m4x15mm)

2. MPSE Brake Lever Screw (m5x20mm)

3. MPSE Handlebar Grip Screw (m6x20mm)

4. MPSE LCD Display Screw (m4x20mm)

5. MPSE Under Brake Lever Screw (m4x25mm)

6. MPSE Top Stem Screw (m5x120mm)

7. MPSE Hinge Screw (m5x5mm)

8. MPSE Stem Connector Screw (m3x10mm)

9. MPSE Folding Mechanism Screw (m6x15mm)

10. MPSE Hinge Bolt (m10x140mm)

11. MPSE Cord Fastener Screw (5mx5mm)

12. MPSE Top Deck Screw (m4x5mm Flat)

13. MPSE Motor Bolt (520mm)

14. MPSE Fender Screw (m3x5mm)

15. MPSE Small Swing Arm Screw (m8x25mm)

16. MPSE Large Swing Arm Screw (m10x25mm)

17. MPSE Underdeck Screw (m4x5mm Round)

18. MPSE Top Controller Brace Screw (m6x15mm)

19. MPSE Lower Controller Brace Screw (m6x20mm)

20. MPSE Back Deck Light Screw (m3x5mm)

21. MPSE Rear Top Deck Screw (m4x5mm Flat)

22. MPSE Brake Mount Screw (m6x20mm)

23. MPSE Swing Arm To Brake Mount Screw (m5x15mm)

24. MPSE Kickstand Screw (m5x20mm)


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