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    This LCD Display is the latest throttle that fits 36V, 48V and 52V electric scooters.

    1 Throttle for all. 

    Compatible with models such as EMOVE Cruisers, EMOVE Touring, Speedway 4, Speedway mini, Ruima 4, Ruima Mini etc.

    To switch out the LCD Throttle, simple remove the 4 mini screws at the back, unplug the old throttle with your new throttle. Calibrate the throttle according to your scooters' voltage.

    Calibration Instructions

    P1 - This will usually be fixed by default, there shouldn't be a need to change this. Shows the voltage of the battery (Under-voltage point of the battery will be displayed) E.g. Under voltage point will be 31.5V if you're seeing 315 on the display. 

    315 - 36V Scooters

    415 - 48V Scooters

    430 - 52V

    Press MODE to increase by 0.5V, Press POWER to decrease by 0.5V

    This is not the LCD display with waterproof cable


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