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Brenten Bailey
Great Experience

Purchasing and follow up with this company has been fantastic. Short wait times when I called in and knowledgable staff. Highly recommend this company!

Mason Coco

Love the scooter couldn't be happier!

Hi Mason,

Awesome, thank you for your review! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying it.

Cody T.
After 10 days all the

After 10 days all the acceleration just died.

I emailed tech support. Because I was in my first 30 days of ownership, they generously paid for shipping and they discovered that the controller was faulty.

Since I have received the Wolf Warrior 11 back, it has been running like a champ! I LOVE my scooter!

Daniel R.
I love my Wolf Warrior

I love my Wolf Warrior 11+. I considered giving only four stars because my protection pin fell apart after a bumpy ride and then I had issues with the LED strips on the sides of the deck. However, Voro’s online support team was there for me in each instance and supplied replacement parts under warranty and so in the end, no harm, no foul. Besides, neither issues was related to the performance and overall enjoyability of the scooter itself. It’s built like a tank and it does everything as advertised and then some. I’ve been off-road and on the streets. In the city and the countryside. Flatlands and hills. I’ve barely had mine a month and I just passed 650 miles. Charge time isn’t terrible and I have plenty of fun before the battery is depleted. As long as it holds up and keeps doing what it does already for years to come I couldn’t ask for anything more. I can’t believe how fast I can get around and I have a blast while doing it.

Walter M.
A mean machine !! Be

A mean machine !! Be careful with this one, it's fast :grinning: