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Front Headlight Holder and Screw for Emove Cruiser + Touring


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Front light holder and the screw in case it loosen during a ride - We got you!

Customer Reviews

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Mark D.
I admit it took me

I admit it took me some time to get to the point where I could (somewhat) comfortably drop close to $1400 on a scooter but I’m glad I did. Compared to my smaller scooter, this scooter has a much better build and a much sturdier feel not to mention the fact that it goes considerably longer on the battery. The only drawbacks I have found are some of the components are cheap and I am noticing the acceleration is sort of jerky at times. Though that last part could be operator and not the scooter. All and all a Scooter I would be more than willing to purchase again.

do I still use my horizon? Absolutely, I used it last night to visit my wife in the hospital, but when storage or heft are not an issue and I need longer distance and want a more comfortable ride the cruiser is the one for me.

note to Varro motors, next time you release colors, please consider releasing a lime green.

Gene B.
**** needed for head lamp

Everyone was super helpful and once our communication was clear, the item was sent to me post haste.

Thank you for your support.