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Vincent Abalajon
Awesome electric scooter

Bought the red emove touring for wife’s birthday. She absolutely loves it. Speed is fast enough for her. It goes about 25 mph, maintains speed at incline, and battery lasts more than 20 miles at full speed before charging. Her previous Escooter was only 15 mph and battery lasted about 2 miles before charging.

This thing is great! Just keep this in mind...

I bought this scooter for commuting around San Diego on sunny days and it has served me well (300 miles on it so far). Good performance, great range, and much more comfortable to ride than something with no suspension. It has one critical flaw that is easy to overlook as a new rider though.

After 300 miles of use, I have had the nuts that hold the front suspension and the rear swing arm walk themselves off their bolts over time on bumpy pavement. Since the scooter does clatter a bit over bumps even when everything is in place, it's hard to notice when these nuts are coming loose if you don't check them every time you ride. I've since replaced all the nuts with locking nuts (the ones that have nylon rings built into them) so that they don't come off unless I want them off. It's a very cheap solution to a small problem, on an otherwise excellent scooter that is a great value for money.

Joshua Sooaemalelagi
Winter scooting

Probably shouldn't but I am. I have been using the electric scooter to get me to and from university each day in the middle of winter. School is up hill from my place and so far I have had no issues going up hill right after a snow storm, givin the roads have been plowed. As long as I take corners very slow and only accelerate on straight aways it's been great. I weigh 250lbs as well and it can lift my fat butt up the hill from stopped no problem at a max speed of around 12mph, up hill that is.

Julia Kulchak
great item

perfect purchase

Donna Scharber

The scooter was just what we wanted and enjoying it very much.

EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter

Price: $799.00

Detailed Description

The EMOVE Touring is the most value-packed commuter electric scooter we’ve got, and everyday riders love it for a good reason. It’s a lightweight performance machine with a 48V 13AH LG battery and single 500 W rear motor, getting up to 25 mph top speed and 32 miles of ample range. The Touring has gone through generations of updates based on rider’s feedback, including a longer deck with higher ground clearance for more comfortable riding, plug-and-play cabling so you can replace electronics as needed, and posts in the deck for adding accessories. The Touring is customizable, comfortable and low-maintenance, and an excellent e-scooter for first-time riders.

  • Compact folded dimensions, 39 lb weight, and quick-step folding make it perfect for last-mile commuting for riders up to 308 lbs
  • 8" front air-filled tire and 8" solid rear tire means you’ll deal with fewer flats
  • Drum and regenerative brakes on the rear bring you to a stop from 15 mph in just 16 ft
  • IP54 water resistance rating makes it suitable for riding in light rain
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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