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EMOVE RoadRunner

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Detailed Description

Warning: Riding the EMOVE Roadrunner may be addictive. It isn’t an e-bike – it’s so much better. Our flagship seated electric scooter has a striking, unique design that delivers on form and function. With dual hub motors and a 48V 26.1 Ah Dynavolt removable battery, the Roadrunner gives you up to 53 miles of range. It has a memory foam seat, adjustable handlebars, and thumb throttle to keep you riding comfortably at up to 34 mph. With improvements from the prototype to the current model, the RoadRunner electric scooter comes with a larger (wider and longer) and more plush seat, front fender and longer carbon fiber rear fender, single/dual motor modes, longer foot pegs, Xtech hydraulic brakes, a brighter headlight, and rear turn signals. There has never been a seated scooter like this.

  • The RoadRunner has a 350W front motor and 500W rear motor
  • Double your range to over 100 miles when you swap the lockable battery
  • It also has front and rear carbon fiber fenders, folding handlebars, a bright headlight, and brake light with integrated turn signals
  • Quality commuting features include pneumatic (inner tube) 14" tires, Xtech hydraulic brakes, adjustable ABS+ front spring suspension, and anti-slip foot pegs
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team
  • Here's the EMOVE RoadRunner User Manual
  • Designed in California

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Emove Roadrunner Specs

Performance specifications, specifically top speed and range, are VORO estimated values based on multiple linear regression and often differ from manufacturer's projected performance. Range, top speed and hill climbing ability will vary depending upon rider size, riding style, and riding environment (terrain, weather conditions, incline, etc).

Top Speed
34 mph (55.2 km/h)

53 mi (85.7 km)

Hill Climb Angle

(F) 350W | (R) 500W

Thumb Throttle

Dual Spring

3 Pin XLR

Charge Time
12 hours

48V 26.1Ah Dynavolt

48V Square Wave

LCD Display

Tire Type
14" Inner Tube

XTECH Hydraulic

Water Rating
Light Rain


Deck Lights

Brake Lights

Signal Lights

Max Load*
330 lbs (150 kg)

Item Weight
55 lbs (30 kg)

Low: 32" x 50" x 25"
High: 38" x 50" x 25"

*For single-motor electric scooters, we recommend a max load ~180 lbs. Although these models can accommodate the rated load, the estimated performance is based on an average rider of around 150 lbs (5'7" tall), and loads 180 lbs+ will tax the scooter.

Discounts for EMOVE Scooters

EMOVE for First Responders

Empower your commute even during Covid and shop with VORO’s first responder pricing.

EMOVE for Student and Teachers

Students and Teachers are often on a budget, and electric scooters are perfect for cruising to, from and on campus.

Storage Never Looked So Good

Turn your EMOVE RoadRunner into an SUV -- a scooter utility vehicle -- with this new EMOVE Roadrunner center pizza bag. Built with velcro straps, durable 1680D ballistic nylon fabric and a large zippered compartment, this center bag is water repellent and built to last.

Sold out

Safety Gear

Motorcycle Gloves

Sold out

VM Full Face Helmet

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VM Half Helmet

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VM Unisex T-Shirt

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Motorcycle Gloves

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VM Full Face Helmet

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VM Half Helmet

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VM Unisex T-Shirt

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Anti-theft Equipment

VM Fingerprint Lock

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Key Cable Lock

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Password Cable Lock

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GUB U-Lock

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VM Fingerprint Lock

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Key Cable Lock

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Password Cable Lock

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GUB U-Lock

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Outstanding performance

EMOVE Roadrunner ushers you into the next generation of scooting, with a seat, sporty design, and racing feel for both chilling and thrilling rides. Together, the 350W front motor and 500W rear motor effortlessly power you up to 34 mph.

Ride up to 100 miles with a single swap

With the EMOVE RoadRunner, range anxiety is a thing of the past. The removable 48V battery was designed by VoroMotors, and is built to easily swap out and lock up. With a key lock and handle at one end, it takes less than 10 seconds to slide one battery out and a spare battery in to double your range from 50 to 100 miles. With the charging port on the battery, you can conveniently power up whether it’s in or out of the scooter. Shop for Extra or Replacement Batteries.

Double your range

Don’t want to stop riding? Upgrade with a backup battery, and swap in 10 seconds for over 100 miles of range.

48V 26.a Ah Battery

Sold out

RoadRunner Review Videos

Adjustable on the go

Read More

Using the multi purpose tool kit that comes with your RoadRunner, you can quickly and easily change the handlebar height.

Xtasy folding handle bars

Read More

Designed specifically for the RoadRunner, these handlebars lock tight in place for zero wobble while riding.

Anti-glare LCD display

Read More

With buttons for power and riding mode and a 1-color display, you can easily check speed, battery charge, and trip length.

280LM headlight

Read More

The RoadRunner has a super bright front headlight, one of the brightest stock headlights on any seated electric scooter.

Rear brake light

Read More

For added safety, the RoadRunner has a safety light mounted under the seat on the rear, so other riders can see you on the street.

Memory foam seat

Read More

The long memory foam seat makes long commutes that much more comfortable. With no springs underneath, you’ll feel supported and stable, not wobbly.

Adjustable Suspension

Read More

With Manitou Absolute+ (ABS+) dampers, the front suspension is can be adjusted with the turn of a knob. With 8 settings, you can customize the resistance to your comfort.

Roadworthy suspension

Read More

Twin encapsulated spring shocks at the front of the RoadRunner combined with its big 14” tires soak up rough terrain when riding on street or trail.

E-Bike vs E-Scooter: why ours is better

If you’ve ridden an e-bike, the Roadrunner will be an upgrade. Here is a quick comparison of the electric bikes in the same price class.


  • Around 34 mph top speed
  • 26Ah battery capacity
  • Scooter is powered by dual hub motors
  • Apartment friendly storage
  • Long, memory foam seat


  • Around 25 mph top speed
  • 14Ah battery capacity
  • Bike is powered by you, with help from one motor
  • Garage friendly storage
  • Small, hard saddle

Designed to suit all riding styles

Our flagship EMOVE RoadRunner is perfect for city commuting and weekend cruising, angle the handlebars low, high or wherever you like. Customize the RoadRunner for your style.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Alexander Silva
This thing is a beast!

I’ve had the roadrunner for about a month now and it’s treated me REALLY well along the way!

The only reason I haven’t given it a 5 star review was because of minor damage right out of the box(which I was expecting from YouTube videos I’ve seen before purchase) so I wasn’t to surprised.

Damage includes:
A very small barley noticeable dent in the battery

The center Column steering handlebars gave me a really hard time while inserting them

The wheels to state on a slightly non centered rotation

The odometer doesn’t work for whatever reason and I am unable to know how many miles I had travelled on it

The thumb throttle looks cheap and was very wiggly ultimately breaking from a hard press from my thumb

No with all that being said I LOVE THE EMOVE ROADRUNNER

It’s a fun durable little machine that turns heads wherever I go and most importantly IT GOES FAST witch a top speed of 34mph and 3 different riding modes what more could you ask for ?

Now a lot of people like pointing out that it doesn’t have pedals, in my opinion this scooter appeals to this who like the motorcycle aesthetics and are looking for something very close to a motorcycle without being one ( me all the way! )

All in all I do not regret my purchase and I am very happy with her

She is currently in the shop getting multiple modifications and upgrades to the aesthetics and getting a new twist throttle installed !!

Wish me luck !

Alexander :)

Love it

Loving my new roadrunner... When i first rode it to work my coworkers wanted to buy one too after trying it out... Its fast i give you that... I wish it had a twist throttle instead of thumb... So hopefully one day they make a twist throttle conversation for the roadrunner...

First Impressions

I am 70 years old and my reactions and balance are not as good as they used to be however I found the EMove Roadrunner easy to ride partly due to its low center of gravity. The Roadrunner is suprisingly nimble and stable with it's large wheels even at high speed. When the front fork adjuster is set to allow some suspension travel the bike lane speed bumps are comfortably negotiated and when in performance mode steep hills are not a problem. I added a handlebar mounted front 800 lumen light for safety and more visibility since the Roadrunner stock light is a bit low. The Mode Switch lets you select your speed but when wearing gloves the switch could be a little bigger but the Lcd display is easy to read even on a bright sunny day. I must say all things considered that I am happy with my Roadrunner, it's a fun ride

Zafirakis Fotopoulos
Great for food deliveries

I’m using the roadrunner for food deliveries. I put it through a rigorous test in 106 f hot weather. I got 15 deliveries out of a charge. Around $150. You can pay off the roadrunner in about 10 days. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Ronaldo Colon
My Voro roadrunner

I just got it and it’s working great for now I would like to see how much it lasts without problems

But right now I love it