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Dennis Rodriguez
It’s a heavy boy, but fun and fast

I bought this scooter to commute to work and it’s a great machine, very fast and well build. I live on the first floor and it’s perfect, but still a minor challenge getting up just one step, again it’s a heavy boy. All in all I’m very happy with my purchase and I wanna thank VoroMotors for their help, great customer service. Looking forward to there Roadrunner Pro soon.

Beast Mode!

This scooter is absolutley insane! The build quality is solid as a rock. It looks like a techno light show at night. I’ve owned a few high performance scooters but this is the king of them all. Speed, power, stability, and one heck of a comfortable ride. I am hooked on this scooter. I love long rides but i’m not so sure that i coukd outlast this battery. I emailed Voro Motors a few times with questions and i always received a reply the same day. Great scooter from a company with great customer service. No regrets spending big $$ on this awesome scooter

Bruno Blockchain
A rocket

Love my limited. Fast delivery no issues with scooter

Hi Bruno,

Thank you for your kind review, glad that you love your new X Limited - One of the very few in the world!

Troy Krieger

The service was everything it said it was 100%! The people I spoke with helped me through everything and lightning fast!!!

Todd Holsinger

Great scooter but voromotors was not prepared for it to be released. They had no charger to replace mine when it broke.

Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter

Price: $6995.00

Detailed Description

The Dualtron X2 ultra-performance electric scooter is an amped-up sequel to Minimotors’ flagship Dualtron X. It’s among the best of the best. The dual 4150 W motors deliver up to 69 mph top speed (depending on the rider and conditions). With the Easywheel system, separating the hub motors, you can more easily remove the rim or the ginormous tubeless tires. With hydraulic brakes and adjustable hydraulic suspension, you’ll have excellent control and customized cushion against rough terrain. Improved technology + a legendary road warrior. This is as close to a racing-level vehicle as you can get in a production model.

  • The X2 is an elite 145-pound performance vehicle with dual batteries, a primary 72V 42 Ah LG battery and sub 11V 14 Ah Li-ion battery
  • The primary battery powers the X2 for a ridiculously long range of 91 miles
  • The sub battery powers the remote-controlled LED lights and 2 USB charging ports (5V 1.2A)
  • Ultrawide 13" x 5" tubeless tires, hydraulic brakes with 160 mm discs, and hydraulic 19-step suspension make this road rocket soar
  • High-end features for a vehicle-grade experience with aviation aluminum alloy build, folding handlebars, built-in handlebar extender, built-in steering damper, EY3 finger throttle, LCD display, and dual voltmeters
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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