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    • Comes together with the tubeless car grade tire
    • 52V 600W nominal, 1,600W peak
    • Only compatible with the latest EMOVE Cruiser

    Please select this if you own the latest EMOVE Cruiser. 


    Ask a Question
    • Hey there, i am looking forward to buy an electric scooter, and since i am 160kg i was thinking about the Emove Cruise. I wanted to know if it would technicaly be possible to add a second motor to the front wheel along with a second controler and all what's needed to make it work properly to have a dual emove cruiser?

      Dear customer,


      You cannot add a second motor on the Cruiser as you will also need to add a second controller. 


      Hope this helps.

    • Is this motor compatible with the older version remove cruiser?

      Hi Kai,

      No it is not compatible with the old Cruiser.

    • Will this be restocked at some point?

      Dear customer, 

      This will be restocked in 2 weeks.

      Hope this helps.

    • When will this be back in stock? I have the original remove and the rim is bent on my back tire. I think the only fix will be to replace the full hub motor unit?

      Dear customer,

      This will be back in stocks next week. 

      Can you email us ( the situation your scooter is in? Our team will advise accordingly once we see the issue you are facing.

      Looking forward to serving you.

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