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600W EMOVE Cruiser Rear Motor with Car Grade Tire

  • Comes together with the tubeless car grade tire
  • 52V 600W nominal, 1,600W peak
  • Only compatible with the latest EMOVE Cruiser

Please select this if you own the latest EMOVE Cruiser. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Min S.
It's good, motor works well

It's good, motor works well as ot should be. I needed to buy the rear motor due to dent in the rim. I wished the motor and the rim were separate. Expense rim cost.

Morgyn F.
The tire is great, seems

The tire is great, seems high quality so far. I agree with the previous review that for the price, the small plastic white piece, where you connect the colored whites, should be included with the new tire and wiring.

Eric T.
Great price to quality ratio.

Great price to quality ratio. I have over 900mi on my Emove cruizer and i have had a few minor issues. riding in the rain is never a good idea, mine had some issues after moisture entered the scooter they are not as good in the weather as advertised. i have had 2 flat tires but this is to be expected so be prepaired with some slime and a pump at all times. the upper stem base is my big complaint it is a poor design and will crack and bend but wont completely fail. I replaced mine once and it is a big job very annoying to do just to have the same problem with the new part.
Screws need to be periodically tightened to maintain a solid ride.

Other than these minor issues the scooter has been absolutely great and none of these issues have been catostrophic. I would highly recommend this to the big guy like myself (240lbs) it still hauls me around at a steady 25mph and not to heavy for a flight of stairs.

Steve H.



Works great! 4 stars because they made me re-use the little plastic plug instead of sending a new one but wasn’t to hard to replace with correct tools but little plastic plug piece should come with it for the price.


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