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    Start Your Engines. Both of Them.

    Find Your Perfect Electric Scooter

    EMOVE Cruiser

    62 miles on a single charge.
    Highest water-resistant rated electric scooter in the world.
    The perfect commuter scooter. If you are looking to use your scooter daily
    without charging it often, this is the scooter for you.

    EMOVE Touring

    All the power you need, packed in a compact body. Triple suspension system.
    If you are looking for a light and comfortable ride, this is the scooter for you.

    FIIDO Seated Scooter

    For those that are looking to sit comfortably throughout their commute.
    Comes with a middle basket and a front basket, you can store everything you need.

    Wolf Warrior 11+

    For the adrenaline junkies, travel up to 50 miles per hour! Climb up to 30% incline with ease. Installed with two 1200W brushless motors and two 40A controllers.
    Full hydraulic brakes.

    Why Choose Us?

    Top-Notch Customer Support

    When you spend over $1000 over any website, you expect to be taken care of. Period.

    24/7 live chat customer support: Press the small bubble at the bottom right of your screen, try it.

    Phone - Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm PST: You are guaranteed that a real person will pick up your phone calls. No long waiting tone, no bouncing across different departments.

    Email - We have an entire team of dedicated support team that responds to your emails. You are guaranteed a response within 1 business day.

    Largest Library Of After-sales Support

    Our media team worked with our tech team to build the most comprehensive video tutorials that can help you resolve any technical questions you may have.

    Total Quality Control

    We control the entire process from sourcing of materials,
    assembly to pre-shipment inspection.

    Hear The Experiences Of Others.

    We take feedbacks very seriously. As one of the most trusted electric scooter website in the world, our team is responsible to ensure your scooter and experience is of quality standards.

    Every single electric scooter undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that our riders receive products of superior quality. From the customer service, to the technicians, to the operations, to the shipping and logistics, to the admins. You are getting dedicated support from an entire team.

    We work harder every day to make the best of your experience with us.

    All about our riders

    Our Community

    Hear from other like-minded riders, get insights and valued advices. We have the friendliest and most helpful electric scooter community out here!

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