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RiderFest 2023

Sunday, Oct 8, 2023
Location: Apple Valley Speedway, California (L.A. area)
Time: 11 AM Hosts: VoroMotors + Rider Guide Info: Join the electric vehicle community in unity, feel the thrill of racers zipping by, and take the wheel with test rides on some of the most renowned and powerful rides. Make sure you don’t miss the event of the year!


Hello, Voro riders! Come join us at RiderFest 2023 and get to experience the thrill of the racers whizzing by. Feel the hype of the community as you step onto the actual speedway ground. Highlights of the event include five distinct electric vehicle races, with open track time, including rails, ramps, boxes, and other exciting features. Furthermore, there are exciting giveaways, with the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in raffle prizes. You can also take advantage of test rides from some of the industry's most renowned brands and be prepared for unexpected challenges that await you at this exciting event.

New Performance Scooter: InMotion RS Midnight

Introducing the InMotion RS Midnight, a stunning and high-performance scooter that's exclusively available at VoroMotors. This is your chance to not only witness this power-packed machine up close but also to take it for a spin. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this dark beauty, a must-see at this year's RiderFest!

Join in the Fun

Find all the details you'll need, including venue information, event schedule, race application, contact methods, and how to pre-order the exclusive RiderFest 2023 T-shirt, on the event page.
RiderFest 2023 is not merely an event; it’s a golden opportunity to be part of a thrilling community, united by a shared passion for speed, innovation, and electric vehicles. Mark your calendars and gear up for an unforgettable adventure! Secure your tickets here!