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Wolf Warrior Accessories

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Better than a Car

Hello to all potential Kaabo Wolf King GT owners. I am going to start off by saying that for any scooter you buy you should expect to have a problem or two that will happen during the first few weeks or possibly first few months. This scooter is amazing especially for a rider of my size. I am five foot two inches and weigh just about 130 lbs. This scooter will probably outlast you with the amount of time it takes to completely run out of energy if you are in the city and going ~30mph or slower. Also make sure you learn how to properly break and ride the scooter because it will be even more fun and keep you safer when going high speeds or need to suddenly break for a car that pulls in front of you. I get a lot of attention from all sorts of people so be prepared to talk to others about how fast or how far its range is haha. I would recommmend getting two fast chargers if you want to be able to ride more than twice a day or stay out longer since the scooter can charge using just a 110V outlet. If you are going to be riding in the rain do not get the road tires because it becomes very slippery and ice like on the road. Get the off road or the other kind that costs $100 for each tire. This will make you feel alive and clear your mind when traveling at high speeds. I highly recommend but just be sure you get the right gear and equipment to ride this beast of a scooter.

This didn’t really do anything for me, but good to have I guess just in case.

I am loving the key to start feature, I always enjoy having either this or a key card for extra security.
At first I really wish it had a tail to put my foot on, since that is what I was used to with other scooters. But after using it for a bit, I realized how comfortable this big deck is!
1 of my big gripe is that it is akward to pick up from the rear, so I fixed it with a tail/handle I bought separately, and it work well. And the deck is so good that I don’t even want to use the tail for my foot anymore.
The range is the best part about this scooter. For the weight,size, power, and price it offers, the range stands out compared to all others. I have 3 bars out of 5 after going 20 full miles. And I’ve been going 2 gear, 18-20mph with lots of uphill/downhill and stops.
The upgraded sign wave controller is noticeable, and I love it. Throttle, speed, and breaks are all super smooth, the suspension although feels a bit rustic at times, really gets the job done and I’m happy about it all.

The main accessory you need for security and peace of mind

This is the best prevention from someone starting and riding your scooter.

Extend Shipping Protection Plan

Good quality

I would like to say thank you so much for the delivery. How fast you all Sunday. I am super stoked on how it performs so much fun right now. It's been raining so I've been using it in the rain and everything has been well. I wish they would have bigger mud flaps on it. So the tires don't fling up water on your back.

Did a range test in LA a few weeks ago and with 150 mile review this scooter hits the spot when going around even for traveling far. I got this scooter from Universal Studios to the heart of Compton. If any of this helps I was only on gear 2 (sport) with range test with my size and height. Not only this scooter is great with bumps on the road as well as when it requires for you to do maintenance. I had a flat tire and it was very easy to swap with the split rim, you’ll have no problems at all when on the road just watching out for debris on the road. If you want more range while on the go definitely recommend getting the fast charger you can charge it for a 3-4 hours and you’ll get a full charge

Here’s my weight and height if this helps


48V Thumb Throttle with LCD Display


It's good scooter fast and reliable

Haven't even opened the box because its the wrong scooter

Didnt get the protection plan

Wasn't what I ordered, I ordered the wolf king gt pro

Never received

60V 3.5A Kaabo Electric Scooter Fast Charger

Perfect functional replacement

Easy to install and yes it holds air for the emove cruiser. Although it is small so if you have a thick air pump get a smaller one or stuggle.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
Jeremy Talley
A scooter that makes you smile

I enjoy the fast accelleration, the ride is smooth given its a scooter. I really like having the seat installed, I have no complaints other than it would be nice if there was a way to get S mode enabled like the GTR has maybe one day.

Extend Shipping Protection Plan

Nice product, bad shipping

Nice product, I would like to keep. Was considering returning it though because the packaging suggest the Cruiser is second hand, though the actual product seems in new condition.

90% sure it was a display model. Still fighting with them for warranty repairs

valve stem for Kaabo

overall i am very pleased. wishes it arrived sooner and not your fault but thanksgiving.

Secure and easy to install

The clamp is great, but they should tell you that it doesn't come with the quick release screws. As always the shipping is fast and costumer service fantastic.
Mantis Pro SE

Wrong version was sent