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Bike review

It’s a great bike and am pleased with the performance was a little disappointed at my charger not being included and having to warranty it out even though I didn’t receive it the 1st time but overall it is a great bike


so far I love the scooter the touring model. I purchased the seat and stand as an accessory trying to get my money back. It’s been two months impossible and then I find out the seat will be in till the end of June if even then frustrated with the customer service department.

They sent me the wrong item when I ordered it then I got a warranty on controller and some wires that burnt I paid for the shipping they sent the wrong item. Now Francis wants me to pay for shipping again to get the right item. I don’t have all this money to keep forking out for delivery charges.

Wonderful service, quick delivery

I noticed a piece missing right out of the box and contacted the company and they were quick to send replacements, love these people!

The best tire you can get for an Emove Cruiser

Let's face it changing a flat on a tubeless tire can make you want to beat your head against a wall, this tire is the solution. I've tried other after market tires I bought on Amazon, I even tried switching to a completely solid tire for a while which I don't recommend. For ride quality, handling, and durability it's the best tire on the market. This isn't one of those promotional reviews where the company gives me something for free if I leave a nice review about a product, those are stupid and they don't help anyone. I recommend it because I know that changing a flat on a tubeless tire is about as much fun as a colonoscopy and with this tire flats have become a thing of the past. It's extremely durable and even has a self repairing gel if it gets punctured.

Better stability

Once I made sure all the hardware was tight this has really added a lot of stability to the ride.

Recieved Gtr lock for battery was broke talked to a few people. They could care less about my broken scooter. I have bought a lot of scooters from other places Voros is the worst olace. Customer service is terrible. Yhered your review.

Quick delivery

Found the e ride pro at voro motors. Took a leap of faith with a new online retailer and my expectations were met. Order bike and got a phone call 2 days later with tracking and contact for any help i needed. Worked out great. Thank you

Not happy

Not content

Almost perfect

It came with a busted back fender, I would suggest adding a little more cushion or protection to that particular part of the scooter when packaging for shipment. Otherwise, I cut off the tail light wire, stripped back the sheath and taped back the wires to ensure it would not short, and then gave it a test run, it's basically perfect for me. The four star rating is because of the packaging alone, it would otherwise be a 5 since it'd be perfect if it came in proper condition and it's only a 4 because extend covered for the price of another scooter. I bought a fender replacement and am going to modify the cable by adding a water proof connector so I can swap out fenders more easily since it's likely the part most likely to break from daily use.

What to Expect

The package arrived very quickly in a heavy box. Putting it together was a breeze, but unfortunately, my bike came with a flat back tire. After 20 minutes of riding, the seat starts to feel slightly uncomfortable. Additionally, the headlight only has a bright mode and no low beams. Despite these drawbacks, the amount of fun I'm having with the bike is incredible.

VM Full Face Helmet
Benjamin Juarbe

Looks and feels very good. awesome

Exactly what was needed

Cruiser keeps had an Error, for throttle and controller error code came up on the display. Ended up being the motor cable, upgraded one was sent and problem was resolved. Thank you Voro motors, thank you Kaigan.

Great service

I can’t thank the team at Voro enough as I ordered a scooter that had a long lead time but great communication from the team every step of the way

Love the bag.

The functionality of the pizza bag is perfect. Makes the scooter look even better.

Ridiculously fun

I am hooning around Seattle on this after years of being a furtive bike commuter. Total FTW machine! So many mobility advantages over pretty much every other mode of conveyance. Fast, comfortable, agile and super compact. It could be further improved with wider tires (i swapped in 4.5” over the stock 2.75”). I plan on upgrading the rear shocks also. And putting on a fatter seat. LOL also thinking about a cafe fairing / this thing is so over the top fun I cant stop laughing.

Absolutely amazing scooter!

I have every pev you can think of (esk8, ONEWHEEL, euc, surron, stand up scooter, electric drift trike) and the rrp has quickly earned its spot at the top of my favorites list!!

11" Self Sealing Street/Off-Road Tubeless Tires

Step down transformer kw gt

The part was on back order. It arrived in a cpl of weeks. Took about 15 mins to install.. great speed and service thanks Voros!!

52V 30.5Ah Battery, EMOVE Cruiser E Scooter

Excellent RR V2

I’ve had my Roadrunner V2 close to two weeks and I am happy to say that it’s a fun ride. It arrived well packaged with no issues found when opening and inspecting. Another thing that is great is the constant contact I was able to have before, after, and now from VM concerning my scooter. I had a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.


I have the pizza bag but no roadrunner v2 no straight answer wen I call

Terrible customer service

This is a 1 STAR review but when i do they hide the review so i have to put 4 stars for it to show ..the fact that i only was able to ride for about 20-30 miles before my rear motor went bad is wild. and im currently going back and forth with customer service and literally het told the same thing everyday and have no clue what day this will change .. i get told to wait for a callback and never get one .. only to call the next day and the next day and the next.. i woulda been better off buying a new rear motor than trying to utilize my warranty. I think thats what they want you to do.. i will no longer ignore the forums and would not recommend if you dont live next to one of their shops because you will go back and forth with them to no avail.

I never received it

I never received it