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    Original brake pads for XTECH Brake that is used on the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter

    • Comes in a pair
    • 32.1mm by 27mm
    • Easy to replace


    Ask a Question
    • Can you notify me when brakes are available for the emove crusier

      Hi Janell,

      These are back in stocks! 

    • Do the front and rear brakes use the same size pads? Does this $16.00 pair cover both the front AND back brakes or does the pair only cover 1 back or 1 rear replacement? I'm confused.

      Dear customer,

      The front and rear brakes are using the same brake pads. Each brake requires 2 brake pads, as you can see in the video tutorial.

      To get front and rear brake pads replaced, simply purchase 2 sets of this.

      Hope this clarifies.

    • What is the mileage to change the brake pads??

      Dear customer,

      There is no certain mileage life for the brake pads, after tuning your brakes, you feel that your brakes does not come to a complete halt when you press your brake lever. If you do not feel safe, it is time to change the brake pads.   Changing of brake pads vary among riders, we have seen riders using the Cruiser for 2 years without changing the brake pads, and some riders change once a month.  

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