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Robert Raps
Great scooter with one caveat

It’s not waterproof at all. Other than that it’s good.

Lisa Russell
Mantis Pro SE

Excellent scooter!!! Love riding and lots of compliments!!

Freddy FUNKO
Great scooter for cheap price

This scooter is so awesome. I can’t believe how fast this mantis pro is. I weigh 230 lbs 6’ tall and I’ve hit 37 mph on single motor, can’t believe how much power this scooter has.i would defiantly recommend this scooter to all my friends.

Wyndom Newman
Awesome machine!

Bought this to go to work instead of Uber. It has insane power and its just alot of fun. The amount of features it's had like regenerative breaking and ABS is amazing. You can set how much power it has right off the line. It's got headlights, taillights (brake lights as well), running lights and turn signals. Couldn't be any happier 😊

Henry Gardana
The perfect scooter!

Perfect scooter just what I was looking for
Coming from a nine bolt is just perfect for my 👍

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE Electric Scooter

Price: $1795.00

Detailed Description

The Mantis Pro SE (Special Edition) electric scooter isn’t just any e-scooter. It’s an OG known around the world. With a 60V LG or Samsung battery and dual 1000W motors, you’ll hit speeds up to 41 mph and up to 37 miles of range. It’s premium power in a lighter-weight 65 lbs package. We offer both the 2021 and 2022 models in 60V 18.2 Ah and 60V 24 Ah configurations, and the 24 Ah will deliver extra mileage if you need it. The 2021 models have front and rear deck lights and LEDS on either side, and the 2022 upgrades the lighting package with a high-mounted headlight and turn signals. The Pro SE is the most value per dollar dual motor scooter we’ve got. Why? It performs on par with heavier hitters that carry higher price tags. It has many of the same top-shelf features for less, including Zoom hydraulic brakes, 10" x 2.5" street tires, and front and rear suspension for ultra comfortable, nimble riding. The Pro SE is built for carving around corners, speeding down straightaways, and bringing a smile to your face.

  • Improved design with a reinforced jagged stem and robust hinge bolt for long-lasting, stem wobble-free riding
  • Power up 30 degree hills at 17 mph with dual 1000W motors and 60V 27A Minimotors square wave controller
  • EY3 finger throttle, LCD display, and rubberized, clicky buttons for eco/turbo and lights on pulled-back handlebars keep everything in comfortable reach
  • Combining full hydraulic brakes, front and rear spring suspension, and 10" x 2.5" tires, hitting potholes and emergency stops won’t stop you
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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