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Blake Sonne
What a machine!

Super fun.. buy two at once

Shane Russell
It could have been better

I love the scooter but the workers at the warehouse did a terrible job at putting it together. Literally the screws holding the scooter together were dangerously loose and I nearly crashed right as I first began to ride it. I have had a break sensor issue that I fixed myself via trial and error and I am now having headlight issues. Wonderful scooter but the workers at Voro treated me very disrespectfully by setting up the scooter in such a haphazard and half-***ed job. I hope the owner reads this and actually makes contact with me… [****]

Craig Williams
Amazing scooters but don't get the Pro model

I purchased a Wolf Warrior X Pro and a Base model. The construction of these scooters is absolutely 5-star and no differences between these models on that front. The issue with the Pro model is the acceleration is uncontrollable and the throttle might as well be on or off. I found I had to adjust p-settings to reduce torque to the minimum and I still have to ride in non-turbo and single motor to handle the scooter. I use dual motor and/or turbo when going up steep hills only otherwise you really struggle to hold on as it accelerates too quickly. I do only weigh 145 lbs but even my son at 170 lbs found the scooter overpowered. The Base model though is perfect with nice acceleration and usually you can always ride in dual motor mode. An ideal configuration would be the base with the Minimotors EY3 and better batteries but you can't buy it like that which is unfortunate. Range has been amazing, in-fact sometimes I wonder how on earth after 18+ miles on the same charge, my Pro is still at 100%. Our neighborhood has insane hills, seriously hard to walk up hills but these scooters have no issues. In total I've already put 100+ miles on the Pro and Base, no issues, great battery life and in hot weather. Charging time with supplied chargers is fine, I had purchased a 5A charger via a 3rd party but really the 1.75A ones are fine since I'm only topping up since the range is so good. Lights at night are great and work well. I've been riding on and off road (gravel, forest) and with the tires that comes as standard. The Electronic ABS with the Pro is so bad, just disable it in p-settings, it just pulses breaking and doesn't actually detect a wheel stall and so it just shakes you to death. You don't need ABS, breaks are insane already.

Jeffrey Miles
Powerful! Amazing Scooter!

I have been dreaming about this scooter. I’m grateful it's here. It is more beautiful than it looked on the internet! Powerful.

Jose Jesus
Costumer service

They're pretty kind and they know what to do with your scooters. I give it 4 star couse they need more accessories for the scooter!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro

Price: $1995.00

Detailed Description

The Wolf Warrior X Pro electric scooter from Kaabo is like the little brother of the Wolf King, beastly power but at a lighter 75-pound weight and faster-folding design. With dual 1100W motors and square wave controllers, the X Pro has tons of torque for both city riding and off-roading. The design folds on the stem rather than at the neck, making it more compact to fit in your trunk. With a huge deck and comfortable dual suspension, the X Pro is an excellent choice for delivery workers and every day commuting. 

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