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Excellent, and well-built scooter!

Wish I'd known about this scooter sooner. Have had my Q1s for less than 2 weeks at this point, and because temps are still quite cold here in NYC, I've gotten the chance to only ride in the hallway of the floor I live on, but clearly this is an awesomely constructed ride. The craftsmanship, design, geometry, etc. are on the money. I'm by no means a speed demon or adrenaline junky, so the quoted max speed and range are both fine by me – just looking for a bit of freedom I suppose, some wind in my face here and there. Sadly the last e-scooter I owned – which was by a different brand – was overly clunky, had a seat that wouldn't stop swiveling, and was waaay too heavy to be considered portable for someone without a car. I love that I can actually lift / carry this one and potentially bring it on the train with me to get to different parks and spaces around the city. The brushed black aluminum color is striking. The compact size is adorable as well, and fitting (both literally and figuratively) since, at 5'4, I'm kind of a shortie. Also, something I had no idea about is that the charger actually has a built-in safety mechanism whereby it gives off a beep (and the indicator light turns green) once the battery is fully juiced AND, get this – protects against both overcharging and overheating! I mean, how… thoughtful / lifesaving / wise. These other scooter manufacturers should seriously take note. The integrated alarm and bike lock you receive are simply icing on the cake. Anywho, I'm anxious for the warmer weather to come, as I will most def be taking this out for some spins. Kudos to Voro Motors and everybody who helped bring the idea of this scooter to fruition. Nice job.

Fiido q1s

If you’re looking for a small cruiser to get around, this is the seated scooter to buy. Top speed of 17mph and you’ll get above 15 miles of travel on a fully charged battery. So much fun to ride!!!

Jose Villanueva
As described

The package had been opened but only for pre-check,I had to wait three month straight from the manufacture but Voro shipped me the item in a week.I recommend .

Steve Doyle

The FIDDO is like a mini bike.

Dekimbey Lamb-Lewis
Super Fun Toy !!

It's not about how fast it is. On a full charge she can go 15-16mph no problem. Torque enough to pop wheelies. Enough stopping power to pop endos and stopies all day. Great for short commutes !

FIIDO Seated Electric Scooter

Price: $899.00

Detailed Description

The Fiido Q1S is the best electric scooter for beginners with an easy-to-use twist throttle and responsive disc brakes. With up to 18 miles of range and a 15 mph top speed, the Fiido electric scooter keeps pace with e-bikes and shared scooters and lets you cruise instead of pedal or pay by the minute. With a plush seat and more built-in storage space than any of our other models, the Fiido scooter is perfect for quick trips to the farmer’s market, rides to and from campus, and leisurely weekend joyrides. It also comes with security key fobs for locking your scooter on the go. With a solid frame and fold-down handlebars, the Fiido is very portable and an excellent alternative to bulkier bicycles.