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    We believe in providing you with the best support available. Need some help installing some new parts or conducting maintenance? Check out our library of video guides here.

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    Wherever you are located, we will try our best to find a way to get your scooter, accessories and spare parts to you. Read more about our shipping here.

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    We understand that sometimes it is a pain to conduct repairs and maintenance on your own. This is why many of our riders choose to let us do it for them. Find out more.

    EMOVE Cruiser Screws Guide

    1. Brake Screws (Click To Expand)

    2. Horn and Blinker Screw (Click To Expand)

    3. Handlebar Folding Screw (Click To Expand)

    4. T-Bar Screws (Click To Expand)

    5. Voltmeter Screws (Click To Expand)

    6. LCD Screw and Washers (Click To Expand)

    7. Top Stem Screws (Click To Expand)

    8. Front Light Mount Set (Click To Expand)

    9. Under Stem Screw (Click To Expand)

    10. Cruiser Front Fender Screw (Click To Expand)

    11. Brake Fork Screw (Click To Expand)

    12. Folding Mechanism Long Screw (Click To Expand)

    13. Large Black Folding Mechanism Screw Under (Click To Expand)

    14. Folding Mechanism Small Screws (Click To Expand) - Comes in a set of 6

    15. Wheel Rod (Click To Expand)

    16. U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

    17. Under U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

    18. Side U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

    19. Kickstand Screw (Click To Expand)

    20. Top Deck Small Screw (Click To Expand)

    21. Top Deck Screw - Large (Click To Expand)

    22. Rear Stud Screw (Click To Expand)

    23. Long Suspension Screw (Towards Front) (Click To Expand)

    24. Rear Chasis Support Rod (Click To Expand)

    25. Rear Fender Screws (Click To Expand)

    26. Short Suspension Screw (Towards Back) (Click To Expand)

    27. Disc Brake Screw (Click To Expand)


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