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Screw Catalog for EMOVE Cruiser.


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Ken N.
The Emove Cruiser is the

The Emove Cruiser is the best bang for the buck! It has been featured in almost every top 10 scooter video that I've watched. The primary reason I've have chosen to go with this scooter is the range, weight, speed, comfort, and price. There is no do-it-all scooter that has the best of everything. One would have to sacrifice when tipping the scale.
For me, the Emove Cruiser has the right balance. You'll get 60 - 64 miles range, real world tested. It will cruise at 25 - 28 mph. It's enough to get you pass those hard core road bicyclist racer. It's a bit heavy to carry but still doable. Two 25 lb dumbbell isn't that hard to lift. It folds neatly and sits across my Prius' trunk without folding any seat down. It's comfortable with the front and back suspension. i took it on a loose gravel trail and barely felt any bumps. I was genuinely impressed at how well it handled. Best of all, price.
I wanted a unicorn at under $1,500 and this horse fits the bill. Not to forget, the staffs that handle the post sale are exceptional. If I may say, they do much better job at assisting me after the sale than any sales representative at a car dealership. I didn't spend $40K but I received $40K worth of service.

If I'm an executive at Voromotors, here are some things that I would fix:
* Secure and reinforce the front tire fender so that it doesn't rub onto the tire. It was still rubbing with the half fender that was supposed to new and improved from the previous version.
* Fender need to be at least 120 degree of coverage. I still get water splash at the front stem.
* The spring suspension squeaks. It should use hydraulic forks to mitigate this issue
* Could use under deck LED lights to be visible at night. The one small light in the back isn't enough.
* Lots of stem and handlebar wiggles even after tightened. It's a safety issue and should be loctite or fixed from the factory.
* Kickstand sensor. This is a safety feature that is a must.
* Should come with an angle back foot pad for better rider stability.

I came from a motorcycle background so riding something like an Escooter leave lots to be desired.
Overall, I love my Emove Cruiser and had recommended to a friend which he ended up purchasing one recently. I have no regrets from making this purchase and would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Ralph P.
Very comprehensive

Very comprehensive

André G.
Only seller to offer replacement

Only seller to offer replacement screws to international customers!

Sharod C.
works perfect. i even tried

works perfect. i even tried a different **** an still work perfectly

Lindbergh D.
Great customer service and part

Great customer service and part was shipped out super quick!

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EMOVE Cruiser Screws Guide

1. Brake Screws (Click To Expand)

2. Horn and Blinker Screw (Click To Expand)

3. Handlebar Folding Screw (Click To Expand)

4. T-Bar Screws (Click To Expand)

5. Voltmeter Screws (Click To Expand)

6. LCD Screw and Washers (Click To Expand)

7. Top Stem Screws (Click To Expand)

8. Front Light Mount Set (Click To Expand)

9. Under Stem Screw (Click To Expand)

10. Cruiser Front Fender Screw (Click To Expand)

11. Brake Fork Screw (Click To Expand)

12. Folding Mechanism Long Screw (Click To Expand)

13. Large Black Folding Mechanism Screw Under (Click To Expand)

14. Folding Mechanism Small Screws (Click To Expand) - Comes in a set of 6

15. Wheel Rod (Click To Expand)

16. U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

17. Under U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

18. Side U Deck Screws (Click To Expand)

19. Kickstand Screw (Click To Expand)

20. Top Deck Small Screw (Click To Expand)

21. Top Deck Screw - Large (Click To Expand)

22. Rear Stud Screw (Click To Expand)

23. Long Suspension Screw (Towards Front) (Click To Expand)

24. Rear Chasis Support Rod (Click To Expand)

25. Rear Fender Screws (Click To Expand)

26. Short Suspension Screw (Towards Back) (Click To Expand)

27. Disc Brake Screw (Click To Expand)