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Dualtron Electric Scooters

Dualtron by Minimotors electric scooters offers some of the fastest e-scooters that can reach speeds well over 40 mph. Dualtron e-scooters also hold large electric batteries that allow them to have very long range rides making this a premium EV for commuting or thrill seeking experiences. Want the best? Find out which of Dualtron scooters ranked in our blog on the best electric scooters for adults in 2023.

Dualtron Electric Scooters by Minimotors

Dualtron Electric Scooters: Why You Need One!

Dualtron electric scooters feature powerful motors, cutting-edge designs, and are built for maximum performance. Not only that, their robust construction makes them perfect for any terrain. If you are looking for the fastest electric scooter from Dualtron, we’ve got it!

Dualtron Electric Scooters - Best Features

Performance & Power

The impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology of Dualtron scooters ensure that riders have a delightful, seamless, and secure riding experience, even when these are some of the fastest e-scooters on the planet.

As all scooters by Dualtron have dual motors, they have remarkable speed, hills pose no challenge, and the elevated torque offers experienced riders finite control and swiftness. Furthermore, these scooters satisfy diverse requirements with high-quality hydraulic brakes, adjustable suspension, and safety features.

Durable Build and Long Battery Life

Dualtron e-scooters have rugged frames made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Thanks to their high-powered motors and long-lasting batteries, these scooters hit the ground running and have stood the test of time. With high-capacity LG battery cells, not only do Dualtron scooters have a long range and go fast, but they will also drive for years to come with proper maintenance.

Depending on the Dualtron that you choose, the battery can last 50 miles or more on a single charge. For example, the new Dualtron X Limited has massive motors capable of reaching top speeds of up to 70 mph with a range of 100 miles (at moderate speed).

Dualtron electric scooters are an excellent transportation option for riders looking to maximize their commute.

Safety Features

Dualtron scooters are well-known in the market for their advanced safety features. That includes:
  • Safety lights in the deck and programmable LEDs along the body that improve visibility in low-light conditions
  • Alarm system, like fingerprint readers or passcodes, for keyless entry to deter theft attempts
  • Come equipped with anti-lock braking system that prevents your wheels from locking up under emergency braking conditions
  • LED display (EY3 or EY4) provides an overview of the scooter's critical metrics and indicators, and allows you to customize performance settings
These are especially great features for commuting, making Dualtron scooters the ideal choice for anyone looking for a safe and stylish ride.

Cost and Value of Dualtron Electric Scooters

Although scooters can be expensive, the many features and advantages that they offer make the cost justifiable.

Dualtron makes excellent adult electric scooters with high-quality components. They are so well built that they require less maintenance – which makes them convenient to operate and an excellent investment.

If you want a reliable and powerful ride that doesn’t require much upkeep, a Dualtron scooter is a smart choice. Still not convinced? Check out all of our  best electric scooters to see if there’s another model that will suit your needs.

How to Find and Buy High Quality Dualtron Electric Scooters

Now that you’ve chosen the Dualtron brand, how do you pick which electric scooter fits your lifestyle and abilities? With a little research, you can better select one that works for you.

When shopping for a Dualtron scooter, start by comparing similar models and learning about their technical specifications and features. Consider what performance you need and are capable of handling, like how much range and how fast you want to drive in general. Keep in mind that heavier models will often have a longer range and feel stable while driving, but will be more cumbersome to store or transport when needed.

For example, the Dualtron Thunder 2, the sequel to the legendary Dualtron Thunder electric scooter, has a 62 mph top speed and weighs 95 pounds. The Dualtron Storm electric scooter has similar performance and is slightly heavier, but is more convenient to charge. If you can’t bring the scooter indoors for some reason, the Storm has a detachable battery, so you can charge the battery separately wherever you are.

After you have selected your favorite models, browse scooter reviews online to learn more about their usability and quality. Oftentimes, reviewers provide insight into what it is like to drive and maintain the electric vehicle long-term, and demonstrate how the scooter performs.

Once you have done your research, shop around to find the best deal in the market! Our Dualtron electric scooters are competitively priced. We also have a wide range of replacement parts and accessories to support you and your scooter long-term.

Not only that, we provide an extended warranty for Dualtron scooters because we expect them to perform well. In fact, when you buy from us, you receive a two-year warranty: one year manufacturer's warranty and another year of product protection by Extend. If we cannot fix your Dualtron scooter, we will replace it with one of the same or equal value!

Scooter Repair Shop for Dualtron Electric Scooters

If you are looking for a repair shop for Dualtron electric scooters, we have a few options to provide service. If you live in Southern California, you can visit our showroom and service center in Panorama City, CA. For scooter owners in New York, we have a full-service scooter shop in Brooklyn, NY (Industry City). We also have a location in Kapolei, HI and offer interisland shipping if you live in Hawaii. See all location details, including address, hours of operation and local phone number, on Contact Us.

If these brick-and-mortar locations are not convenient for you, we also accept shipments to our Los Angeles service center for electric scooter repairs. If your Dualtron scooter stops working, reach out to our service team and they can guide you through diagnosing and remedying the problems you're experiencing.

Based on 4741 reviews
Old man on a scooter 🛴

I’ll be 70 this year and I feel like I’m 12 when I ride this well built Cruiser. I’m a pretty big 260 lb. guy, with a bad back, and it gets me around great. I ride it both standing and with the seat on. The cruise control and soft start options are a blast! It far exceeded my expectations. With all the scooter choices out there, I feel like I got lucky with this one.

Tanakorn Wolf Electric Scooter Seat
July Nanthavong Campos

Tanakorn Wolf Electric Scooter Seat

always use sealant

one thing i have learned while riding these electric scooters is flats aren’t fun to change. i use this sealant in all my scooters. it works great and saves you from having to walk home.

$160 delivery to UK for foot pegs 'mental' and can't buy them anywhere else!!!

What's the point in all of this?!?

Refurbished EMOVE RoadRunner Pro Seated Electric Scooter

Mantis Gt

Love it. Im probably one of your older riders at (60) but the Mantis is so easy to ride and the charging and setup was straight forward. I mainly use it to get into areas for photography. Ill strap on my camera bag and take off. Its truly a blast. Haven't had this kind of freedom since i was a youngster. Love the extra power if i need it and time will tell how it holds up. It seems very well built and thought out Thanks for making a great product.

100% PERFECT!!!!!!

I have never received a refurbished item in this good of shape! I honestly couldn’t find a single sign of anything use. Tires were perfect the brakes were perfect no scratches anywhere. Im really impressed and really happy I went refurbished over new an saved the money. I will be buying a 2nd one this spring for my wife.

Kaabo designed a beast!

I love the Wolf King GTR. The height, suspension, 65+mph, the stability…. For me, the design separates the Wolf King’s from the rest of the high powered scooters, making it easily recognizable. On a group ride out you’ll feel like a king! Being able to take out the battery is a game changer, giving you options for added safety and security.

The reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because of the battery life. Just 55 miles sets the scooter back some. Especially for aggressive riders. Aside from that this scooter reigns supreme!

It’s not bad as an option

I’m 230 pounds so it’s not as comfortable as I’d hoped. Sitting lowers my visibility of traffic around me and it lowers the visibility of myself which scares me because cars are my biggest worrie. That being said I still like having the option one of the stores I work at periodically is 5 miles away and having the option to sit is nice.

One more thing the seat should be placed in the center of the scooter not the back if you want a smoother ride, if you place it in the back you will feel every bump in the road.

It got it too my house safe

All I can say I had no issues with it arriving. And I feel so far if something would have happened things would been taking care of # peace of mind for me 💯

Going Mobile

They responded on broken part out of box- and priority mailed a replacement throttle / motor control and the CEO Melvin called me himself !! That’s impressive and a USA based company, a great choice in electric scooters...

yes FREE video

Are you okay, my friend?

Kaabo Wolf Front Bag
Craig Evans

I love the Wolf King GTR. The height, suspension, 65+mph, the stability…. For me, the design separates the Wolf King’s from the rest of the high powered scooters, making it easily recognizable. On a group ride out you’ll feel like a king! Being able to take out the battery is a game changer, giving you options for added safety and security.

The reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because of the battery life. Just 55 miles sets the scooter back some. Especially for aggressive riders. Aside from that this scooter reigns supreme!

Can’t go wrong

Voro Rocks !

Tanakorn Wolf Electric Scooter Seat

Voltmeter with key lock

Easy to install

Great scooter , even better customer service

I recently purchased the inmotion rs midnight from voro motors. It came very well packaged and everything went very smooth during the minimal assembly required and functioned properly after. I had a few questions prior to purchasing as it is a fairly large investment for a scooter. I called voro motors and was immediately assisted by Juan. He was very thorough in his answers and answered all of my questions. After receiving the scooter I assembled it and had a question about the charging as a code popped up when I initially went to charge. I again reached out to Juan and he promptly spoke with his technicians on the issue and it was remedied the within the same conversation within an hr. The code resulted from me having the unit plugged in while off and then powering it on while charging to check the charge. If your charging, either leave the unit fully off and monitor the indicator light on the charging box, or if you prefer using the app for the inmotion to see battery charge state,temperature,voltage and all other perameters, then make sure to have the unit on prior to plugging in the charger and it will function normall and the app willdisplay all the information. The code was easily removed by turning the unit on,then off and back on without the charger being plugged in. The scooter is very well built and has alot of thought put into the design and usability which is apparent when you take it for a ride. If your looking for an excellent quality scooter with customer support to match, then I highly recommend the inmotion rs midnight which is only available through voromotors. Again I would like to thank Juan for being so helpful and answering all of my questions and making me feel I made the right choice on such an awesome scooter and where I purchased. You guys are great

XTech Semi-Hydraulic Brake Lever for Cruiser

I don’t understand what it was for

There was no extended shipping option

good quality

these mirrors work great. very durable. would recommend if you’re interested in purchasing the roadrunner or roadrunner pro electric scooters.

Extend shipping protection plan

Did not really use it, but I guess it's a good thing to have.

Mirrors can’t see anything

I bought the mirrors and no matter how I try to angle them you can’t see anything out of them . They are to short .

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
Terell Ringer
Wolk King GT Pro

Scooter is very fast and fun. Rides over bumps really good. Excellent

3 years of ownership with the mantis pro

I absolutely love the scooter and voro. Just don’t get a drop of water on the scooter

Refurbished Roadrunner

The scooter delivered as promised. The packaging was perfect, no scratches at all.
I have upgraded the shocks and put a rear view mirror. Additionally, I purchased the pizza bag and adjustable battery charger. I am very pleased with the scooter. Brian Seymour