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Very good scooter, almost great!

The Victor Luxury excels in multiple categories. These include Power, Speed, and Portability for its class. Build quality is solid, and I would buy this scooter again.

Areas that could be improved are: quality control, (My unit had air in the hydraulic brakes), creaking stem, and most importantly… smooth variable regen braking.

Switching to a Sine wave controller would really bring this scooter to the next level, but don’t let that keep you from buying the Victor Luxury now. It’s a great scooter that puts a smile on your face.

Dualtron Victor Luxury Electric Scooter

Price: $2995.00

Detailed Description

The Dualtron Victor Luxury electric scooter is small enough to fit in a car’s trunk, but has enough range and a luxurious enough ride to replace your car all together. This elevated edition of the Victor, the longest-range dual motor scooter under 75 lbs, includes design upgrades that double as safety features, making the Victor Luxury an excellent commuter electric scooter. With a new rubberized deck, new footrest with built-in taillight, and more programmable LED lights on the swing arms, spotlight under-deck and running down the sides of the deck, you’ll have more ways to brace for speed and tons of flashy lights – so others will see you coming. Not only does the new footrest give riders a bit more space to brace, it also locks the stem to the deck and has a handhold for easier lifting when folded. With the excellent build quality of the Victor and a layer of refinement, the Dualtron Victor Luxury is that next step above that everyday scooter commuters crave.

  • Dual 2000W motors and a 60V 30 Ah LG li-ion battery
  • Range is estimated at 56 miles
  • Top speed is estimated at 42.9 mph
  • Dual hydraulic brakes, 10” x 3” pneumatic (inner tube) street tires, and adjustable rubber suspension for excellent ride quality and wet/dry traction
  • This model has folding handlebars, an EYE LCD display and trigger throttle, folding handlebars and complete lighting package including deck headlights and taillights, programmable LEDs in the neck and swing arms, and a brake-responding taillight in the footrest
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team
  • Dualtron Victor Luxury User Manual

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