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Dualtron Acessories

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Wolf Electric Scooter Seat
Leonardo Alvarez

Wolf Electric Scooter Seat

Fast charger

Fast charger works perfectly, cut my charging time by more than 50%, highly recommended if you need a quick charge.

Pretty Good

I love it, no longer having to wait many hours to charge fully. Personally, i was recommended to use at 3 for the best charge as it wont heat up but will give fast charge. ! thing I will note, is that i notice that the charge on the scooter doesn't hold up as it would with slow charger. Not sure if thats due to battery over all health or if its comparable to cell phone chargers where you have fast charge but the battery drains quicker vs slow charge and battery drain is slower. in any case, I recommend this charger to anyone with the Cruiser, its a must have to get the most out of your scooter.

Doesn't charge my 60v battery

Killer deal on a super fun scooter

Huge bang for the buck. Fast shipping. I also needed to call support as the password wasn't working, and I got a person on the phone fast w/o going thru a ton of BS. Great experience so far.

I'm glad I purchased the Touring

I've purchased 2 previous scooters from Fluidfreeride. I purchased a horizon and wound up having to return it. Issue straight out the box. So I went with the e move touring. Because I've always looked at it. I just didn't think I could carry 39 pounds up 6 flights of the stairs. But once I bought the the 42 pound horizon. I knew I was going with the Touring. I'm still getting used to the torqueness. I don't like to finger throttle but you have the options of a thump throttle or twist throttle.So I purchased a twist throttle and so far.I'm so happy they even have on boarding to teach you how to use your scooter.And if that's not good enough for you.I learn just watching on their YouTube channels.Great job Voro

In Love!

I had the Roadrunner Pro for almost a week and I have put over 50 miles on it. I LOVE this scooter so far. This is my first electric scooter and it is a beast. It just wants to go. I would DEFINITELY recommend. I would also recommend upgrading the rear shocks for that ultimate riding experience. If anyone is thinking of getting one don't hesitate. You will love it. Also customer service so far has been absolutely great! I am looking forward to doing more business and chatting with the great staff in the future. Thanks guys.

E ride pro SS

bike checked off all expectations!!! , To much fun and VM customer service is outstanding. if you’re thinking of getting this bike purchase rn!

Portable Tire Inflator
Wendy Jeffreys

I never got it. You never sent it.

EMOVE Cruiser S 52V 1600W Dual Suspension - Long Range Electric Scooter

Doctor Orange Tire Sealant
Abraham Morales
Good, but I haven't used it

Everything good, perfect. I like the presentation and that they include adapters for filling, I just haven't had a chance to use it yet, and I hope not to use it for a while. Recommended

It's been very good I haven't been able to charge it yet I'm hoping it's just because I haven't used a lot of the battery especially since it has three brightness modes which will allow you a lot of vision at night

Great brakes

Nothing compare to other ones this brakes are excellent and quiet

Fast, fun Cadillac Cruiser

This scooter is like a Cadillac version of a cruiser. It has a wider base, smooth ride, great battery life and three different settings whether you're just cruising around town, or want to go a little faster. I also like the fact it comes with a key so you have additional protection if you want to stop somewhere and it's good looking. Highly recommend if you want to go distance and if you want to go fast.

Foot Pegs for RoadRunner (Pair)

Good quality parts

As always the Emove cruiser is superior on parts and design.

Careful practising your wheelie lol

Nice bike nice size seems to fit most people


So i place an order 2months ago and still haven't got the call to go pick it up, they claim that the parts were not in stock, and the parts they did send me after I selected to self collection were completely wrong and had a box taken, reason for self collection still as I type this haven't been told to go get me stuff the customer service is poor and picks and chooses what calls to answer I been patient with this company but next week I'm demanding a 100 % refund it's a kangaroo show with these ppl. I sold the scooter and but another one that's how frustrated I got with the company fluid is the way to go if and when I get my parts I wash my hand with this company nobody knows anything over there it TOOK THE LESS THEN 3SECONDS TO TAKE MY MONEY BUT 2MONTH AND SILL HAVENT RECIEVED NOTHING SO THE CHOISE IS YOURS JUST MAKE A WISE CHOICE

VM Handlebar Front Bag
Lindsay Moen

VM Handlebar Front Bag

Brand new refurbished

Just received the V2 roadrunner refurb. Ordered on Wednesday and received on Saturday. Box was pretty good condition with no inner box. The roadrunner is packed in tight with air bags. Put on the pegs, tighten the handle bar and breaks and you are off. The acceleration is perfect for its size. Make sure you are in dual wheel level 3. I hit 32mph going into the wind and that is about as fast as I would want to go on this bike. This is a perfect cruise around the neighborhood scooter. I would not recommend this on city streets above 35mph. Chill scooter to go grab lunch and listen to some tunes getting some vitamin D. A cup holder and a mini portable tire inflator are a must. If the wife likes it I will definitely purchase another one. Probably the pro refurb for me if they come in these conditions.


Thanks you 👍🙏

I can't rate it yet

I'll be waiting for this purchased since March, I can't rate something I haven't received, my husband is getting upset about it, he needs the parts for his scooter.

Fast shipping!

Got what I ordered so fast I was shocked! Very pleased!

Perfect Scooter for D2D Sales

Fast, with an extremely long battery life, I would recommend this scooter for any sales rep