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Refurbished Wolf Warrior X Pro


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Mike P.
Love it. Perfect “mid-sized” scooter.

Love it.
Perfect “mid-sized” scooter.
As far as being “refurbished”, I couldn’t begin to guess what was repaired. It arrived in perfectly new condition. I have only had it for a few weeks so far, but I’ve already logged 250+ miles and the performance has been flawless.

Refurbished Information

  • All refurbished units sold are FINAL & are non-returnable/refundable.
  • Refurbished units also cannot be exchanged for new units by "topping up".
  • While they are non-returnable, we still offer a 6 months warranty. Refer to the warranty policy.
  • Brand new packaging
  • Less than 10 miles of testing mileage - Every refurbished unit needs to be tested according to the same test quality standards as the brand new units
  • Refurbished units are all as good as new, but as these are outdoor goods and unlike phones, we cannot fix tiny scratches,if there is any.

Save $300 on the Wolf Warrior X Pro. Limited Stock Available.
Available & Ships Out In 1-3 Business Days.

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With us, you never have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to get your scooter. If it is in stock, we will conduct quality checks within 1-2 business days and shipping takes between 2 to 4 business days, depending on UPS. Get your scooter within a week or so.

For the Wolf Warrior X, it starts shipping from June, on a first reserve, first serve basis. The earlier you reserve, the earlier you will receive the Warrior X.

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Everything you want on the Wolf Warrior, packed into a slim body

Xceed Xpectations

The Wolf Warrior X is packed with dual 1100 watt motors and a Samsung 60V 28Ah battery. It may look demure beside the famed Wolf Warrior, but this electric scooter is packed some serious speed and range.

Smaller frame but packs a big bite

While the Wolf Warrior X is the newest addition in the Wolf family, it certainly does not compromise on build.

The Wolf Warrior X use a similar majestic frame shape as the King and Warrior 11+.

With the signature Wolf dual stem build, the Wolf Warrior X provides a zero wobble riding experience.

Finally, a Wolf that is sedan friendly

Much easier to fold and fit into an average sized trunk. No more figuring out how to fold the Wolf properly, the new folding mechanism is intuitive and simple.

Features Hunt in Packs

More intuitive buttons

Access the turn signals, hazard lights, light and horn all in one place.

Xpand Your Braking Confidence

Equipped with both front and rear hydraulic disc brakes as well as electronic anti-lock braking systems (eABS), you feel much safer and in control when braking at high speed.

Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Off-roading has always been a reason why most riders choose to go with the Wolf series. The Wolf Warrior X is not an exception.

The Same Awesome EY3 Display

The famous green backlit LCD screen helps you read better under direct sunlight. More clicky all-around and provides a better water resistant protection to the internal circuit board.

Deck Built For A Comfortable Ride

While the deck is not as wide as the Wolf Warrior 11+ or the Wolf King, the Wolf Warrior X is just a little less wide at around 8.3in and still able to provide more than enough room for both of your feet. Not to mention, the extremely glorious sigil and wolf warrior branding on the deck just makes it much sleeker.

Ambient lights

Bright lights all around have always been a feature that can only be achieved through complex wiring and modifications. Now, it comes built in and fully adjustable through a phone app. Choose the color that best reflects your personality.

New folding experience

Unlike the Wolf's bigger brothers, the Wolf Warrior X has a new quick folding design that allows this dual stem scooter folding to be done like never before. Imagine Mantis Pro SE double clamp, times two.

Signal your intentions

The highly demanded and important feature that everybody has been asking for: Turn signals and hazard lights. You can finally signal your intentions on the road.

Fast Charger & Other Recommended Accessories

The Wolf Warrior X can be charged using 1 x fast charger and 1 standard charger, cutting down the charging time by more than half.

Here are the recommended add-ons for the
Wolf Warrior X:

  • Fast Charger
  • Off-road Tires

Wolf Warrior X Pro vs The Warrior 11+

Who is the true Alpha?

Wolf Warrior X Pro

  • Dual 1100W Motors
  • Up to 43mph
  • 60V 28 AH Battery
  • Wide Deck
  • Price: $2395

Wolf Warrior 11+

  • Dual 1200W Motors

  • Up to 50mph

  • 60V 35 AH battery

  • Wider Deck

  • Price: $2995

Dimensions Of The Wolf Warrior X Pro

Technical Specifications

Key specifications (Click To Expand)

    • Range: 60 miles / ~96.5 km on a single charge
    • Acceleration: TBC
    • Battery: 60V 28AH, LG or Samsung
    • Top speed: 43 mph / 69.2 kmph
    • Ride: Dual Motor All-Wheel Ride
    • Tires: Default 10" street tubeless tires (Off road tires available to order separately)
    • Brake type: Front & Rear Full Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Electronic brake type: ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), can be deactivated with the PD settings
    • Weight: 74.5 lbs (33.8 kg)
    • Max Rider Capacity: 264.5-lbs (120 kg)
    • Display: EY3 Minimotors
    • Gradability: 1:1 (100%)
    • Hill climbing ability: 35 degree
    • Charging time: 4.6 hours (1x fast charger and 1x standard charger), 14 hours (1 x standard charger)
    • Charging ports: 2 ports
    • Battery: 60V 28AH LG BMS. Suitable to charge with 1x standard charger and 1x fast charger at the same time.
    • Folded dimensions: 48 x 24.5 x 23.2 in / 122 x 62.4 x 59cm (LxWxH)
    • Unfolded dimensions: 48 x 24.5 x 51.1 in / 122 x 62.4 x 130cm (LxWxH)
    • Water resistance: 
    • Warranty: 1 year standard warranty. Get up to 4 years of warranty with EXTEND protection insurance plan.

What Is in the package(Click To Expand)

  • 1 x Wolf Warrior X
  • 1 x Standard Charger


Largest Library of tutorial videos (Click To Expand)

While we are still preparing video and written tutorials for the Wolf Warrior X, you can check out and stay tuned to this support library page or our youtube channel. Never be afraid that you might get lost in the maintenance or fixing up minor issues that occur with your scooter, we are always here with you.

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When you spend such a significant amount of money, you want the best support. Although we are not a big company, our team is extremely dedicated to every single rider.

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