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    Certified Refurbished

    Certified Refurbished

    All refurbished products include the following: 

    • Save up to $200 when you order a refurbished unit today.
    • All refurbished units sold are FINAL & are non-returnable/refundable.
    • Refurbished units also cannot be exchanged for new units by "topping up".
    • While they are non-returnable, we still offer a 6-months warranty. Refer to the warranty policy.
    • We will include a spare controller in the package for refurbished unit
    • Brand new packaging
    • Complimentary spare replacement controller with every order.
    • Less than 10 miles of testing mileage - Every refurbished unit needs to be tested according to the same test standards as the brand new units
    • Refurbished units are all as good as new, but as these are outdoor goods and unlike phones, we cannot fix tiny scratches.

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