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Electric Scooters

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter or e-scooter is a battery-powered personal electric vehicle (PEV) designed to ride while standing up. Most electric scooters are lightweight and have more compact profiles than e-bikes. To drive an e-scooter, you apply the throttle to accelerate and the brakes to slow down. Most electric scooters have a kick-to-start function, meaning you need to push the scooter up to about 1-2 mph before the motor(s) will engage, for safety. Electric scooters for adults are powered by motors housed in the wheels, with the battery stored in the deck or stem. Cheap electric scooters tend to have smaller, solid tires with drum or mechanical brakes while high performance electric scooters have larger pneumatic tires with hydraulic brakes and suspension. Stand-up electric scooters can include a seat, but are built to be portable.

Which electric scooter brand is best?

The best electric scooters that you can buy today come from seasoned manufacturers and reputable distributors. One of the first electric scooter brands in the market, Minimotors is known for developing highly powerful e-scooters decked out in programmable LEDs, including models like the Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron Storm. One of the most affordable and rider-friendly lines of electric scooters is EMOVE, including the long-range commuter EMOVE Cruiser and the lighter-weight EMOVE Touring, which have telescoping stems making it easier to transition between standing and sitting positions. Kaabo electric scooters are widely recognized for their robust dual stem design on models like the Wolf Warrior and Wolf King, and for their single and dual motor versions of the Mantis. As a manufacturer, Kaabo has directly responded and adapted designs to riders’ feedback and requests, and publicly acknowledged and addressed problems when present. Buying an electric scooter from a trusted seller or distributor is the best way to ensure high quality of the scooters and responsive customer care before, during and after purchase.

How far can an electric scooter go on a single charge?

Electric scooters can go for 10-100 miles depending on the size of the battery, configuration of the scooter, weight and riding style of the rider, and riding conditions (road and weather). Most entry-level scooters have a single 250W to 500W motor with a 36V to 48V battery (180 Wh to 624 Wh) and can go an average of 10 to 25 miles on a single charge. Higher powered electric scooters with dual motors and higher capacity batteries travel longer distances on a single charge. The Dualtron X2 e-scooter has a massive 72V battery for 3024 Wh of capacity and up to 90 miles of range on a single charge. Some electric scooters have removable batteries; with a spare, you can extend the range by double.

Do electric scooters have seats?

Some adult electric scooters have seats that are detachable or foldable, like the EMOVE Cruiser and Dualtron Storm. There are also seated electric scooters, like the EMOVE RoadRunner, which is designed to ride sitting down. Most stand-up electric scooters do not come with a seat but you can often install one with a kit. There are also larger gas-powered scooters and mopeds that have a build similar to a motorcycle, and are always ridden seated.

How fast are adult electric scooters?

The average top speed of an adult electric scooter is between 25 mph and 35 mph, with more extreme electric scooters hitting speeds up to 70 mph. The top speed of an electric scooter depends on the motor power, battery size, scooter weight, riding environment and rider’s size and experience. Scooter riders are able to achieve higher speeds when the e-scooter has large motors in both wheels coupled with a high capacity li-ion battery. Poor road conditions, inclines and wind resistance all affect speed, and electric scooter manufacturers often provide best estimates for the scooter’s performance based on an average weight rider (165 lbs).