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November 04, 2022 2 min read

VORO Electric Scooter Holiday Wishlist 2022


*This promotion does not apply to refurbished electric scooters

Free 4-Year Warranty: How to Redeem

Step 1: Find the electric scooter that you want to purchase. All new models are eligible for this reward.

Step 2: Select 3 years product protection by Extend for that model, and

Step 3:Click Add to Cart. This will add both items to your shopping cart.

Step 4: Add Shipping protection in checkout. (This is optional)

Step 5: Read and agree to our warranty and return policies

Step 6: Click checkout

Step 7: Type the code "4YEARWARRANTY"in the discount code box to receive the 3-year product protection plan from Extend for Free. That's on top of the 1 year VORO warranty for a total of 4 years coverage between Voromotors and Extend.

Step 8: Click apply and continue the checkout process by filling up your information.

With Extend warranty, if something goes wrong with your scooter after year 1, we'll replace or upgrade it through 2026 (years 2-4).

How Can I Get a Brand New Scooter with This Warranty?

Your scooter is protected for the first year by our standard 1-year VORO warranty. Years 2–4, your scooter is protected by Extend. If your electric scooter presents electrical, manufacturing, or mechanical issues, you can request a replacement scooter instead of seeking repairs.

Make a Claim with Extend

Step 1: Using Extend’s 24-hour virtual claims assistant, submit a claim for a replacement scooter (have your order information ready).

Step 2: Once Extend has approved your claim, you get a brand new electric scooter – for free. They’ll give you credit to purchase the same model from our shop, but you can also upgrade to a higher model if you pay the difference.

Step 3: (No more steps - it’s really that easy!)

Meet Joe - a VoroMotors customer. On Nov 10, 2022, Joe bought a new EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter and redeemed the free 3-year Extend product protection plan. He’s a smart guy.

VoroMotors 1-year warranty covers Joe’s Cruiser through Nov 9, 2023 (Year 0 to Year 1). Extend product protection covers the scooter from Nov 9, 2023 to Nov 9, 2026 (Year 2 to Year 4).

Between Year 2 and Year 4, Joe can submit a claim for a replacement scooter. If Extend accepts it, Joe will receive store credits equivalent to the cost of the scooter at the time of purchase. Joe can use the credits to buy another EMOVE Cruiser, or add a little extra money to upgrade to something like the Mantis King GT.

Important Reminder: By 2026, there will be a wider, newer selection of electric scooters to choose from, so why not buy not and upgrade later?

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Trina McManus
Trina McManus

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