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    Online Ordering

    Do you offer expedited shipping?

    How do I cancel my order?

    Will I be charged tax?

    If I order online, will my information be safe?

    Do you ship internationally

    When will you charge me for my order?

    Do you offer free returns?

    Do you offer discounts or promo codes?

    Warranty Information

    What is the warranty?

    My issue is not covered by warranty, what are my options?

    My electric scooter has scratches and scuffs? Is it still covered under warranty?

    How does the warranty process work?

    Where can I purchase spare parts?

    I received this as a gift, how do I file a warranty claim?

    I cannot find my receipt or proof of purchase, what can I do?

    I purchased an extended warranty from a third-party (retailer), who do I contact?

    What do I need before filing a warranty claim?

    Does it matter if the electronics get wet?