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EMOVE Roadster

Fastest Production Scooter Ever Made.

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Highest Rated Electric Scooter Store In the US

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Our Top Electric Scooter Brands

These are our most popular adult electric scooter brands that we carry. Emove, Kaabo and Dualtron are some of the best e-scooter brands for riders who are looking for portability, long range, fast speeds, and high quality.

Kaabo Wolf King GTR

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Our Fastest Electric Scooters

Experience performance fast electric scooters

The all new Kaabo Wolf King GTR and Inmotion RS Midnight are the fastest adult electric scooters in our lineup. These high speed e-scooters can reach speeds of up to 60+ mph making them some of the fastest of models of 2023.

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Inmotion RS Midnight

Seated Electric Scooters

Shop All Seated Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are generally riden standing up, however there are adult seated electric scooters that resemble the shape of a bike. They are usally compact and lightweight and pack lots of power to hit medium to high speeds while offering long-range commuting.

Off-Road Electric Scooters

Shop All Off-Road Electric Scooters

Some of our e-scooters are built to be used off-road, explore new terrains with off-road tires and great suspension. Off-roading with an electric scooter is an all new experience. Browse through popular brands and compare models to find the best off-road e-scooter.

Refurbished Electric Scooters

Save big on refurbished electric scooters

Refurbished electric scooters are a great way to get premium e-scooter brands like Emove, Dualtron, and Kaabo on sale. All units are certified refubished and come with a 6 month warranty.

Electric Scooter Parts

Shop All Electric Scooter Parts

Browse for electric scooter spare parts, electrical components and upgraded parts, for easy repair and long lasting e-scooter life span. We carry parts for popular e-scooter brands like Kaabo, Dualtron, Emove, and more.

Electric Scooter Accessories

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Complement your electric scooters with these Electric Scooter Accessories, making your life so much easier. Choose from a wide variety of accessories ranging from safety gear to e-scooter accessories.

Based on 4480 reviews

Bought a Kaabo Mantis King GT last year and put 500 miles on it total. After having to replace the stock tires due to an immediate puncture and re-affix the loose, shoddy fittings, it has now been 4 months that I've been waiting on an electrical component that neither Kaabo, Voro Motors, nor Fluid Free Ride have available and seemingly never will.

I spent $5/mile to own this scooter which was my daily commuting vehicle for a whole 60 days. Abysmal support, a lack of critical replacement parts, and overall neglect for customer needs have made it clear that you'd better spend your money elsewhere and on another product.

48V Thumb Throttle with LCD Display


It's good scooter fast and reliable

Haven't even opened the box because its the wrong scooter

Didnt get the protection plan

Wasn't what I ordered, I ordered the wolf king gt pro

Never received

60V 3.5A Kaabo Electric Scooter Fast Charger

Perfect functional replacement

Easy to install and yes it holds air for the emove cruiser. Although it is small so if you have a thick air pump get a smaller one or stuggle.

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro
Jeremy Talley
A scooter that makes you smile

I enjoy the fast accelleration, the ride is smooth given its a scooter. I really like having the seat installed, I have no complaints other than it would be nice if there was a way to get S mode enabled like the GTR has maybe one day.

Extend Shipping Protection Plan

Nice product, bad shipping

Nice product, I would like to keep. Was considering returning it though because the packaging suggest the Cruiser is second hand, though the actual product seems in new condition.

90% sure it was a display model. Still fighting with them for warranty repairs

valve stem for Kaabo

overall i am very pleased. wishes it arrived sooner and not your fault but thanksgiving.

Secure and easy to install

The clamp is great, but they should tell you that it doesn't come with the quick release screws. As always the shipping is fast and costumer service fantastic.
Mantis Pro SE


Upon putting it all together, it seemed one of the foot pegs wasn't connecting properly. Realizing the pegs had arrived defective, I was instructed to take a photo and email it, then wait for a response. It was a lot of effort to only receive a non-defective product, though the shipping was very fast.

Wrong version was sent

good product

EMOVE RoadRunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter

Had a few other scooters in the same price range and specs but never lived up to their specifications. I am 290 pounds and let me tell you I could have not asked for a better scooter getting around the metro area. I am running in 2nd mode which gets me over 20mph and don't need to go any faster. But in 3rd mode got me to 29mph! Also going up any hills no problems. Very happy with my purchase, and also there are a few upgrades you can do which other companies didn't offer. I hope they come out with a extension stem to raise the handlebar arm a little higher do to I am 6 ft 5' Would recement this scooter to all my friends. Also, the crew Voro were very helpful and knowledgeable.
Thank you once again for such a great product.

Love it

The emove cruiser s was even better than I expected and it feels so sporty. I normally ride a one wheel but the cruiser has made long trips so much easier

Great costumer service God bless you gays